Miennes® Fall Garland Maple Leaf Golden Harvest

SKU: GL4004

Only available in the U.S

Proper Length Fall Garland- 2 strands of 6 feet artificial maple leaf garlands, total length: 12 feet. Plus 4 hooks to hanging. Long enough for Covers most of the mantle, fireplace, front door, stairs, wall.

Unique Shimmer Leaves Garland-The color of the maple leaves ranges from green to dark red. We add golden shimmer silk for a gorgeous look under sunlight. Definitely an eye-catcher in your decor for this fall season.

Accessible to DIY Length- Whether you only need 6 feet for the mantel, 12 feet are draping over a doorframe, or 24 feet for the stair railings, this garland has you covered. It easy to connect multiple strands to create a long garland you need and cut the vine into a shorter garland.

Superior material- Forget the fake-looking and poor quality in the dollar shop. These maple leaves are made of delicate silk, and the branches drape effortlessly since they are made of high-quality and flexible plastic. Not so plasticky. The leaves don't come off when you are arranging them.